Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Robby Ornament II

Well, I got the following unfortunate response from Hallmark today:

"The way that the Keepsake Ornaments are displayed with sound and motion on www.Hallmark.com are how the ornaments actually are.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for letting us know.


Hallmark Consumer Care"

Which means for some unknown reason, the Robby ornament will have the terrible, phony sound clip instead of an actual 'Forbidden Planet'/Marvin Miller sound clip. Very disappointing.

For the rather high price of $18.50 for this ornament, I would have expected better. Although the sculpt looks quite nice (some minor inaccuracies, no big deal) the lack of authentic sound clips makes it less of a tribute to a SF movie classic and valued collectible and more of a cheap, just-knock-something-out-to-make-some-money product to me. I expected better quality from Hallmark but I suppose that is naive of me these days.

Will I buy one? Heck yeah! Will I buy more than one? Only if they're real cheap after Christmas. I would rather Hallmark drop the crappy sound chip and thus, the price, so it isn't the over-priced and contrived piece that is apparently is.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Robby Ornament

Hallmark has announced that they will be releasing an excellent-looking ornament of one of the inspirations for RoBob, Robby!

I am very excited by the looks of this release but am not enthused about the sound clip sample on Hallmark's website. It appears they are replacing Marvin Miller's wonderful voice with.....someone not as good. I have asked Hallmark if they will use an actual sound clip for the ornament but have not gotten a direct reply as yet. We'll see...

Vacuform it is!

I've talked to a local man who is willing to trade my sculpting skills for his welding skills and so, at some point after his impending wedding, we will build a vac-former large enough to do the pieces for RoBob. Now the engineering/drawings can begin...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I still haven't decided the best method of fabrication for the body shell of Bob; vac-form or fiberglass.

Both have positive and negative aspects to them. Fiberglass is something I am fairly familiar with after working with it on a recently completed project, but I am allergic to the glass fibers and the smell inside the suit would likely be too much for me. Vac-forming, on the other hand, would be lighter weight overall and would not smell, but would require me to build a 4' x 4' sheet capacity vac-form machine. Which is a fairly complicated and expensive thing to build up-front. The masters/plugs/bucks (whatever you want to call them) would have to be constructed differently for each method, so I can't start building anything until I decide. Grrrr...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ear ye! Ear ye!

Well, I have a new ear design rattling around in my head and will post a sketch soon. I would like to have some kind of spinning component like B-9 (originally had) and Robby, but I think what I'm envisioning will look alright. It will also reflect a design element of the first toy robot I ever had and I do want this to have a toy robot-like appeal. Plus, I don't want to weigh the head down with too many motors and batteries...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prototype Head

This is a picture of a small-scale prototype I sculpted of the top section of Bob's head, the brain area. I am satisfied with the resulting shape and will work out the detailing when the full sized section is built.

Head Concept

This is a concept sketch I did about ten years ago for the brain section of the head.